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Dec 6, 2013 - Pay an Educational visit to the Griffith Observatory

The mystery of space has always been intriguing, however, with the advancement of science and technology, mankind can now observe and behold the wondrous beauty beyond Earth. At the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, coach bus visitors are able to learn more about space and stars, and enjoy the exhibits and planetarium at the building.

Learning about Space

There are many interesting exhibits found at the Griffith Observatory that teaches mini bus visitors about observatories and outer space. For one, the Wilder Hall of the Eye is an exhibit that illustrates how humans progressed in its journey to learn about the sky, as well as the tools used for that exploration. It is somewhat like a history lesson on how people observed the sky and how it impacted people and the society.

At the Ahmanson Hall of the Sky, you will find one of the largest public solar telescope in the United States. This exhibit establishes how people connect with the Moon and the Sun, the very two primary objects in the sky that impacts the lives of those here on Earth. Exhibits in this hall are such like The Active Sun, Our Sun is a Star, Elements, Supernova, and West Alcoves.

There are many more halls and permanent exhibits at the Griffith Observatory. Don’t forget to visit them all including the W. M. Keck Foundation Central Rotunda, the Cosmic Connection, The large new Richard and Lois Gunther Depths of Space exhibit gallery, The Edge of Space that occupies the mezzanine area, as well as exterior exhibits that allows visitors to observe the sky.

Inside in the Planetarium and Theatre

To see the wonders of sky and space all in one eye-full, charter bus visitors should not miss out on a chance to visit the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. The planetarium theater have just been renovated, looking good starting from the compass rose on the new cork floor to the premium seamless perforated aluminum dome. In this 300-seat planetarium, you can experience an immersive environment of an authentic night sky, especially the special inauguration presentation called Centered in the Universe.

Another theater worth visiting is The Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon, a 200-seat multimedia theatre to enhance the Griffith Observatory experience. This theatre also can be used for lectures, films, demonstrations and museum guide talks, as well as a venue for school programs. However, you can visit this theatre to catch its inaugural program in this new theatre featuring The Once and Future Griffith Observatory, which is a 18-minute film on the history, features and renovation of the observatory.