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Mar 26, 2013 - Off beat attractions near Los Angeles

Neon Museum is an interesting place to hold parties for little kids

It is one thing to do the touristy thing but if you have been to Los Angeles countless time, how do you find more exciting things to do in this wonderful land of sunshine and friendly cases? Get down and dirty together with the locals and dig into what the locals do, of course! There are beaches and bays, there are local native flavors to enjoy and you can do all of that together with the professional charter bus, coach charter, shuttle bus and passenger party bus rental from a reputable company like Bus Company Los Angeles.

The beaches and tourist attractions have, naturally, undergone many facelifts and changes since it opened up its doors to massive tourism back in 1542. As the centuries roll by, the face and landscape of California have enjoyed incredibly positive change. Compared to decades ago, there are simply many more eye-opening, educational museums that will make your Los Angeles charter bus visit most worth your time and money and the city, indeed, has some really off-beat attractions and an alternative entertainment scene too. Some of it might even give some of us a bit of a culture shock. Nevertheless, it opens up our world and teaches us about the many different types of lives that people live.

Want to take things up another notch? Try bringing the Los Angeles rented charter bus to Museum of Neon Art which is located conveniently in the downtown area of Los Angeles. Because you are using a rented charter bus, there is no need to worry about parking, rush hour traffic and how to find the place. It is all done by you because the bus driver provided by Bus Company Los Angeles is well-trained and they know Los Angeles, especially the downtown area, like the back of their hands. The museum came about in the early 1970’s and have since stored, exhibited and collected neon artifacts and creations too many to name or count.

The Neon Museum makes for the perfect place to hold a proper party for the little ones. After all, nothing captures the hearts and attention of school going kids (or toddlers too) than bright, blinking lights. It might not seem much like art to them but what they care about at that point in time is that they have a party going and the party venue is bright and colorful. A sure fire way to ensure that your kids and their friends enjoy the party in the end.